Разработка и производство высокоэффективных поверхностно-активных веществ различного назначения
для бурения скважин, добычи, подготовки, транспортировки нефти и газа

Научно-производственное Открытое акционерное общество
Синтез ПАВ

Russian Version

Sintez PAV. Oilfield Production Chemicals

Sintez PAV [Surfactant Synthesis] is a manufacturing enterprise of Russian petrochemical industry, one of the largest chemical plants for highly efficient complex reagents production.

Our products are widely used at the facilities of the largest Russian and foreign oil, gas and service companies in order to intensify all technological processes carried out during production, drilling, preparation and transportation of hydrocarbons.

Many years of working experience with various fields, oil, gas, petrochemical and service companies, own stable production, scientific and technical base, an impeccable reputation in the field of manufacturing and supply of chemical reagents, excellent knowledge of oil and gas industry market – all mentioned above is a guarantee of lowest prices providing high quality supplied products and the best cooperation conditions.

Sintez PAV owns production assets with installed capacities for surfactants production, its own production sites and access roads, a research center and laboratories, as well as qualified personnel capable of providing work at the highest professional level,

in this regard, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions in development and production of effective chemicals for drilling, production, hydraulic fracturing, major workover, repair and insulation works, enhanced oil recovery and other processes, as well as to carry out scientific research and engineering support,

We perform the following tasks in the development of:

– chemical and technological solutions for production, transportation, oil treatment and formation water;
– reagents and technologies for oil sludge and ARPD disposal
– killing fluids, hydraulic fracturing fluids and compositions for carrying out repair and insulation works under the Customer’s conditions;
– technology for enhanced oil recovery by chemical methods – alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding, surfactant-polymer flooding, providing various services in the field of chemical reagents application

and offer solutions thanks to the technologies we use
such as: ethoxylation, propoxylation, sulfonation, alkylation, amidation, condensation, oxidation and other chemical-technological processes

for the development and manufacture of chemicals for oil and gas facilities

in the following areas:

Drilling: emulsifiers for oil-base mud (OBM), lubricants for various types of drilling fluids, inhibitors, anti-tack additives, bactericides, antifoamers, buffer compositions.

Hydraulic fracturing chemicals – water and hydrocarbon-based, as well as for acid fracturing: gelling agents, crosslinkers, stabilizers, demulsifiers, destructors, activators, water gels friction reducing agents.

Major workover, repair and insulation works, removal and reduction of ARPD formation: solvents, gas-insulating compositions, compositions for construction and wells workover at low temperatures, killing fluids, emulsifiers for emulsion killing fluids, surfactants as wetting agents for salt killing systems, systems for wells repair.

Oil production, enhanced oil recovery: surfactant compositions (emulsifiers, dispersants) for treatment of bottomhole zones production and leveling the capacity profile of injection wells: water-soluble and hydrocarbon-soluble surfactants, as well as inhibitors of paraffin deposits, salt deposits, paraffin dispersants, chromium acetate (summer and winter forms), iron stabilizer, viscosity lowering agent, thermogels, acid compositions, dry acids.

Oil and water treatmen: high quality demulsifiers.

Oil transportation: wax anti-settling agents, corrosion inhibitors and ARPD.

Oil refining: additives for gasolines (actane-enhancing, detergents, antioxidants) and diesel fuel (antiwear, depressant-dispersant, cytan-enhancing),

using industrial washing agents for various purposes: liquid, powdery, alkaline and acidic, low- and highly foaming industrial washing agents and surfactants of general-purpose, paste for hands cleaning from technical contaminants, antiseptics (dry and liquid), sorbent for oil collection.

and ensuring reliable fire safety by means of highly effective fire fighting foams (general and special purpose for extinguishing oil and oil products, including fluorinated film-forming, low-temperature, using sea, hard and fresh water):

– TEAS® foam concentrate;
– MORPEN® foam concentrate;
– AFFF (AR-AFFF) foam concentrates.

Resources of Sintez PAV

Enterprise installed capacity for the production of main types of active chemicals bases – up to 30 thousand tons per year. The production area is 66,280 m2. The number of employees for the current period is 76 people. The staffing level for maintenance and operation of HPF is 100%.

The company’s production resources include the following facilities: workshops for production of technical surfactants, a raw material workshop, areas for hazardous substances transportation, a railway track with interchanges for train formation, repair depots for maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock, as well as rooms for heating raw materials transported in tanks, in winter period. The company owns diesel locomotives, wagons, trucks and forklifts.

Thus, the experience and knowledge of our specialists as well as the ability of our enterprise allows us to offer to consider cooperation possibility of any company in the field of research, development and production of chemicals for various purposes, including active foundations, as well as the provision of various services in technological processes when drilling wells, production, preparation, transportation of oil and gas.

We are confident that together we will ensure the most effective complex chemization of oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemicals, gas processing facilities with high-quality reagents of our production.

Azrail Murzabekov, Chief Executive Officer